The websites and marketing campaigns that we create for our clients are perfectly designed for people and the search ranking algorithms.

With 24 years of internet marketing experience, our client campaigns are designed to meet your business needs as well as the current search ranking algorithms.

  1. All websites are mobile responsive – Essentially what this means is that your website pages must resolve clearly on mobile devices without having to zoom in, or require scrolling for content that doens’t fit on the screen .  Here’s the link for Google’s mobile responsive test.
  2. All sites are hosted wtih the secure HTTPS prefix (rather than the http://) prior to the start of your website address.  According to Google, this is an internetimprove search engine visibility communication protocol that protects the integrity and confidentiality of data between the user’s computer and the website.
  3. Understand that a perfectly designed search engine friendly website is only 1/3 or the ranking algorithm.  A full 2/3 of the ranking algorithm resides in strategically crafted citations on other high authority websites.  Therefore all websites and associated campaign facets (email newsletters, product service video’s, business portals and press releases are continuously updated and integrated with client supplied new content to meet the current search algorithms.

If you currently do not meet these standards, your site has likely been penalized and has received a lower ranking in the search engines.  Lower ranking means less visibility – loss of visibility is loss of business.

If you’re uncertain on any of this, we’ve got you covered here –  If you’ve not already updated to the new standards in web design, we’ll be happy to show you the beautiful website design and marketing campaign options that are responsive and perfectly coded to rank high in the search engines. 


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