Online Reputation Management Should Begin Long Before You Need It


A business cannot afford to have their online reputation maligned by negative reviews and/or articles appearing in the search results or social media. reputation management

If a reputation problem arises for your business, you must act very quickly!  The implications if unchecked can be drastic.  If you are beginning to see this problem in your online profile, it needs to be acted upon immediately before it snowballs with the negative article or review being re-posted across social media.

There are very specific strategies that must be employed immediately at the first sign of trouble –

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online reputation management

Be Proactive: Monitor with Google Alerts
Google Alerts is a great tool for monitoring brand mentions. If there is a discussion or review of your brand, you will know about it and you will be able react in a timely fashion. Setting up Google Alerts is easy; all you need is a free Gmail account.

Have a Plan in the Event of a Crisis
A crisis is any situation that threatens the reputation of your brand, often fueled by negative publicity. In the event of a crisis, you need a communication plan. Keep in mind that if you find yourself in this situation, it’s important to reach out to the person or persons responsible for the negative review and offer to make it right with them.

Ensure that you have multiple positive listings on the 1st page of the search returns
The best way to protect your brand is to “own page 1.” In other words, have multiple positive mentions of your brand for your various product / service keywords on the first page of search results.  How?  By implementing our comprehensive internet marketing campaign ASAP.  If you already have a problem, call us as every situation is different and there are different options that can be employed depending on the severity of the issue. The good news is that it’s never too late to regain control of your reputation.  Displacing negative content and promoting positive citations is one of the best ways to turn this situation around.

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